New York, NY – During an interview on Power 105’s The Angie Martinez Show, Jim Jones spoke on the June 21 incident in Georgia where he was arrested on drug possession and weapons charges.

“I’ve been advised by my lawyer … I can’t talk about the case,” he told Martinez when she brought up the arrest. “Whatever has been reported is what you can say, but I can’t [talk] about this case.

He continued, “I can say that one of the things that concerned me the most was getting home before my son woke up so that I could speak to him before he saw it anywhere else. I know he sees what I do every day. He knows how hard I go for the family and, you know, every time I leave the house he knows that there is a risk that I’m taking to get on that road.”

Jones also noted that one of the most frustrating parts of the ordeal was it created the optics that he was abusing drugs, a point he had to clear up with his family and friends. 

“I’m the weirdo in a lot of these exclusive big events because I kind of stay to the back and just do my norm, which is the Snoop Dogg thing,” he explained. “That’s part of everything that bothered me the most … I take pride in knowing that I never did any drugs, never even tried any drugs. I take pride in what I’m doing, how I carry myself in a way that I’m moving.”

Jones said situations like this were bad for business and added that he’s never been convicted of any felonies, just a few misdemeanors.

“I’m way far removed from that,” he noted. “I don’t put myself in these situations, but sometimes you get caught up in things that you can’t get around, so, you’ve got to go through them and you got to face them like a man do … ‘be responsible for all your actions’ is what I tell my son every day.” 

Elsewhere in the conversation, Jones challenged 50 Cent to a boxing match in light of the social media war of words, though he made it clear he enjoys 50’s jokes and has no real issues with the G-Unit boss.

“Let’s shoot the fair one for some money,” he said. “Show these cats how it’s done.”

Check out the full interview above.