Los Angeles, CA – Fans who were expecting to get Muddy Waters Too out of Redman this year will have to wait until the first quarter of 2019 for the follow-up to the legendary MC’s 1996 project.

In the meantime, Red’s goal is to constantly push out content surrounding his music and with the help of Riveting Entertainment, he’s able to make that happen.

His “I Love Hip Hop” music video is the first of many visuals slated to be rolled out and something day-one Redman fans can expect from the New Jersey rhymer over the summer. The aim is to keep the ’90s era sound of Hip Hop fresh and alive. “I Love Hip Hop” unapologetically exudes those qualities.

Speaking with HipHopDX, Redman explained the sound of Muddy Waters Too will not be compromised and that he has exercised great patience in the process to ensure this. Red says one song on the project titled “Errbody Move,” produced by the equally iconic Erick Sermon and himself as Reggie Noble, cost them $8,000 to clear and about a month and half of paperwork to complete because of sample usage.

“I can tell the fans that know Redman and my quality of work that they will not be disappointed,” he promised. “I’m confident about my statement for the reason [that] I’m not afraid. I’m not afraid to represent that ’90s era and flavor. I’m not afraid to go back to that analog sound and feel while everyone’s digital. ’90s fuckin’ rule hands down and you will hear on my album the love I have for my era!”

His video for “I Love Hip Hop” encompasses those ideas and sees the Doc tapping into his comedic acting skills.

“I was one of the directors on the shoot and it was my idea for treatment,” he says. “First off, team and family plays a humongous role on how I work and execute. Teaming up with Riveting Entertainment is fucking fabulous! I say that because you don’t have a lot of new school platforms that deal with ’90s dudes, even though we still relevant and even more relevant than some of these new artists. No bullshit. I just don’t team up with anyone. You have to work hard and smart to accept my presence can you dig it? Long story short I’m very hands-on with all my work, and its good to have a team who believes in it just as much as I do! Big up Gilla House Records and Riveting Entertainment!

Watch Redman’s music video for “I Love Hip Hop” above.