MarQ Spekt has just dropped his new album, At War With The Shadows. As part of its release, the “Grilchy” MC is highlighting one of the standout cuts — the Prospek-produced single “BullsEYE” featuring Roc Marciano and Him-Lo.

“Basically, this album was a return to form,” Spekt told HipHopDX. “Hard beats and rhymes with some introspection in there. Giving people layers and maintaining the art form. It’s a mostly sample free album of bangers produced by Prospek. I got to build the project organically and feature some elite MCs.”

He added, “I’m always looking back to a time when there was a Rawkus or Def Jux or just those cool indies. Now, those indies are within all of us. I wanted to create a really cool project that folks from back then would have felt they got their hands on … Plenty of Grilchy vibes, but I’m always trying to outdo myself. Samurai shit.”

Listen to “BullsEYE” above and cop At War With Shadows here.