Biloxi, MS

Afroman, best known for his 2001 single “Because I Got High,” has reached a settlement over a 2015 incident in which he punched a woman who jumped on stage while he was performing. Mississippi’s WLOX News first reported news of Afroman and the victim intending to settle the lawsuit, and TMZ’s sources confirmed the case won’t be going to trial.

Haley Byrd, the victim, was suing Afroman and Biloxi venue Kress Live after the one-hit wonder smacked her in the face during a performance in 2015. Afroman previously pled guilty to assault and avoided jail time following the attack, but Byrd filed a civil suit against him and the venue.

Byrd, who already settled the case with Kress Live, was suing for negligence and defamation. The suit claimed Afroman was guilty of libel and slander in the 2016 song “Get Off The Stage,” which seemingly references the incident. Afroman raps lines such as, “Then turn around, try to sue for dough/ Attention-wanting, gold-digging hoe” and “Please don’t jump on the stage with ‘Fro/ I reach back like a pimp and slap the hoe.”

Terms of the settlement haven’t been made public at this time. Byrd’s attorney Tim Holleman said they will be disclosed once all parties sign the agreement.

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