Bronx duo Camp Lo have steadily maintained their stake in the game for having some of the most dapper panache. From the velour-smooth raps and beats to their effortless fashion, Sonny Cheeba and Geechi Suede have set the bar high for MCs who claim to be leaders of the new cool. They’ve also released a new project each year since 2015 and they’re returning again in 2018 with Candy Land Xpress – The Mixtape.

After hitting Europe for The Get Down Brothers Tour, Sonny and Geechi felt the time was right to release a new 19-track project complete with skits and a remix from the Kottonmouth Kings. Toward the end of the tracklist, the songs seem to showcase the production more as Camp Lo genuinely sound like they’re freestyling and having more fun in the booth than anything. The skits might trigger something if you ever had any trouble with going out with your friends or getting into the club. There’s also one for fans of the 1979 film The Warriors.

Check out the Candy Land Xpress stream, cover art and tracklist below.

Camp Lo Candy Land Xpress

1. Temperature
2. Let Me Know
3. Do You Gotta Light
4. Off The Astro
5. So Cliche
6. Warrior News (Skit 1)
7. Thousand Miles
8. Throw Ya Gunz
9. Sips By Moonlight
10. We Spoke
11. Outside The Kit Kat Club (Skit 2)
12. Tick Tack Toe
13. Silk Wave
14. LOVE
15. Clubbin’ At The Kit Kat Club (Skit 3)
16. Thought I Thought I Knew You
17. Make A Wish
18. Runners
19. Do You Gotta Light (Kottonmouth Kings Remix)