Various Hip-Hop outlets across the country, including
have reported that Kim Osorio, former editor-in-chief of The Source has
won $15.5 million in a settlement against Dave Mays and Ray “Benzino”
. It’s still a multi-million dollar win for Osorio but she is only
entitled to half of what she and her lawyers thought she was awarded. 

The Source’s lawyer and counsel for Mays and Benzino have been
calling the dollar amount into question in court and on various radio
interviews. It was recently reported that Osorio’s attorneys
misunderstood the verdict that was reported to national media outlets.

After considering an appeal from Osorio’s lawyers to recall the jury
and clarify the verdict, Judge Jed S. Rakoff ignored the appeal but
issued a final judgment where Osorio was awarded $8 million instead of
the $15.5 million that was originally thought to be the judgment. The
$8 million includes $3.5 million against Benzino for defamation, $4
million for retaliation from Benzino and Mays, and The Source for about
$500,000 for lost wages. Osorio was not awarded money for her “sexual
harassment” charges or her “hostile work environment” charges.