Troy Ave is a magnet for controversy.

Following the release of his “2 Legit 2 Quit” video, many fans interpreted the song’s lyrics and visuals to be confirmation that he’d take the stand to testify against notorious podcaster Taxstone, who was indicted for the murder of Ave’s bodyguard Ronald “Banga” McPhatter. In light of the rumors, Ave stopped by Power 105.1’s The Breakfast Club on Monday (January 12) to clear up any misconceptions.

When asked by DJ Envy why he thought people hated him, Ave answered, “Why did they hate Jesus?” He quickly clarified that he was not, in fact, comparing himself to Jesus. “People do like and support me,” he noted, claiming many media outlets (not fans) seem to have it out for him.

The conversation quickly turned to his new video and snitching. “At what point is it snitching if I talk about my real life?” he asked rhetorically. After giving an example and asking Envy what he would do in the hypothetical situation, the radio host replied, “I’m not in the street … I’m not part of that life, anymore.” The BSB Records artist countered by dismissing the streets entirely.

“Streets is a myth,” he explained. “Nowhere in the world does the streets count. People have street cred through the roof, but their credit score is only 500.”

He then took aim at the entire street mentality.

“People put those rule in place to manipulate … manipulation stagnates and holds us back,” he continued, describing the mentality as ignorant. “They try to put you in a box to push agendas. I’m promoting realism … They are poisoning our culture. [The mentality of street rules] is divide and conquer.”

Ave was often coy during the conversation, staying mum about certain details of the ongoing case. He did definitively deny all claims of snitching though.

The interview also addressed Charlamagne Tha God giving him “Donkey Of The Day” for the “2 Legit 2 Quit” visual. Ave responded by offering a cryptic take on those who have — publicly or behind the scenes — gone against him.

“Everyone who goes against me falls to misfortune because I’m a miracle,” he said. “I’m a soldier of God.”

Charlamagne chose not to take part in the episode, commenting on his absence via Twitter.

“I chose to sit this one,” he wrote. “I’m not entertaining that kind of energy.”