Scarface was tasked with rating the lyrics of Bun B, fellow Geto Boys rapper Bushwick Bill, The D.O.C., Chamillionaire, Immortal Technique, and even Lil Pump during a recent episode of BET’s Rate The Bars.

‘Face gave lines from Immortal Technique’s “Civil War” the highest rating.

“I like that, and that’s where I’m at,” he said. “This is good. I give it a five.”

He was also impressed by lyrics from The D.O.C.’s “The Formula.”

Scarface calls the lines “fucking awesome” in a heavily bleeped clip. “Those are some of the greatest lines in the sport. We most definitely have to give that a four-and-a-half [or] five.”

Lastly, Scarface reviewed the lyrics to Lil Pump’s “Gucci Gang” — one of HipHopDX’s Top 50 Songs of 2017.

“I think we really made a mistake on this. I don’t think they put everything in it.” Scarface said, questioning whether there were any other lyrics. “I think it’s pretty cool because it’s not really a lot to remember when you’re on stage. ‘Gucci Gang’ like 12 times. I wanna know what gang this is so I can — Gucci, that shit sound kind of hard. It sound like them muthafuckas ain’t playing [laughs]. On a scale of zero to five, I couldn’t even rate this because it’s just that great. I mean, it’s incredible.”

Check out his reactions in the video above.