Friends of Fabolous
were caught on camera snatching a $64,000 chain off Telfair’s neck. 20 minutes later, the same tape shows Fab’s shooter fleeing in a gray car.

The video shows Fab’s
boys approaching Telfair outside Sean (Diddy) Combs’ W. 21st
St. restaurant early Tuesday morning. One man can be seen grabbing the chain
from Telfair’s neck while another
keeps watch. After the robbery, the thieves duck into Diddy’s restaurant, Justin’s.

Following the suspects into the restaurant, Sebastian saw them laughing with members
of Fabolous’ crew, the Street Family. Telfair then makes a call from his cell phone.

Twenty-three minutes later, the camera outside the
restaurant captures the gunman who shot Fab
in a nearby parking lot driving off. The rapper was not believed to be the
target (sources say).

“The [security] tape
completely supports everything my client said happened that night,”
Hayes, Telfair’s lawyer, said. “He’s a lovely young man. It was outrageous
what these punks did, and he will press charges.”

Hayes said the Celtics star merely called a family member
and has shared all the cell phone numbers he called with police.

On Tuesday, Sebastian
went to the precinct and looked at lineups of suspects that included three
members of Fab’s crew, not being
able to pick out his attackers. He will return to the stationhouse later this
week to look at images pulled off the security tapes.