On December 18, fans of Complex’s ever-popular daily Hip Hop show Everyday Struggle were shocked to discover that one of the show’s hosts and arguably its biggest draw, had left.

“My contract is up,” Joe Budden tweeted. “[I’m] waiting to see how this plays out.”

The main Everyday Struggle Twitter account and that of interim guest host DJ Whoo Kid were business as usual, with Whoo Kid even suggesting he was simply filling in while Budden was on “baby duties this week.”



Budden responded to Whoo Kid, stating “I am not on paternity and they should stop using my 3 day old child to mask internal chaos.” Whoo Kid replied cordially, “I will make it clear that I’m not here taking your spot brother.” And Budden noted that it was all love, and this was an issue between him and Complex’s parent company, Verizon.

Another tweet from Budden suggested that his departure comes down to dollars and cents. He has noted the cultural significance of the show and may have felt that the compensation offered didn’t match the contribution he was making. “Creators will be properly acknowledged & compensated, or they won’t create,” he said.

The fan reactions were swift. May noted that without Budden, the other hosts weren’t a strong enough draw to hold the show together.

Budden, though, reminded his fans that he could just create a new platform. “I’ll create another if need be,” he said, “[and] another, and another … it’s when you CAN’T create that you move WITHOUT integrity.”

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