E.D.I. Mean, a member of the Tupac-helmed Hip Hop collective Outlawz, is making it clear he doesn’t support the sale of a graphic photo of the late rapper.

As reported earlier this week, an ex-girlfriend of the Hip Hop icon is attempting to privately sell the photograph for $7,500. She is said to have captured the full-frontal photo at a 1990 house party in Marin County, California. If she’s unable to nab a buyer at that price, she’s reportedly willing to auction the photo to the highest bidder.

“I think the thirst is real about the pic of my homeboy Tupac,” E.D.I. Mean told TMZ. “Whoever’s selling it, the young lady that’s selling it, I’m sure she has a family and maybe children and she needs the money. I’m more curious to see who would want it.”

“You’re talking about a pic that was taken when he was in his late teens: 19 [or] 20 years old,” he continued. “How much of a real relationship could they have had? I’m sure Tupac doesn’t mean that much to her, especially if she’s selling a pic like this. I don’t expect her to have any moral duty to Tupac or any moral obligation to him.”

While he thinks the younger Tupac would have gotten a kick out of such a situation, E.D.I. Mean believes if ‘Pac were alive today, he wouldn’t want the photo getting out.

“I think the 19-year-old Tupac – maybe even the 25-year-old Tupac – would probably get a kick out of it, in my opinion. His ego would be stroked a little bit. I think if he had survived and he had lived and made it to 47 years old, he would absolutely not want this pic – he’d probably be married with children, something like that, and he would definitely not want this picture out there for public consumption.”

As for E.D.I.’s thoughts on what should happen to the picture, he says it would be better to just destroy it.

“I absolutely think it should not be sold,” he said. “At best, it should be given back to his estate but she should probably destroy it. But again, I understand the thirst is real out here. People need money. Tupac is still prominent and relevant in today’s society and a picture like that is very valuable.”