Greenwood, SC – South Carolina mayor Welborn Adams was evidently feeling so elated following his “not guilty” verdict in a DUI case that quoting JAY-Z’s lyrics from “Izzo (H.O.V.A.)” seemed like the right thing to do.

On Thursday (November 2), Adams took to Twitter and wrote, “In the words of Jay Z, ‘not guilty, y’all got to feel me’ #vindicated.”

Adams was pulled over in 2015 on his wife’s 40th birthday and failed sobriety tests and a breath test, with his blood-alcohol level measuring 0.09, just over the legal limit, according to The Associated Press. 

As reported by the Index Journal, Adams was found not guilty this week. His wife Erika testified that clumsiness and a torn Achilles impaired his ability to complete a sobriety test.

“I don’t want to make fun of him,” she said. “He’s a genius, but he is clumsy.”

Adams’ defense attorney also claimed the arresting officer failed to give his client enough time to read the form and give his consent for a breath test.

After about five minutes of deliberation, the jury returned a not guilty verdict.