Cardi B opened about her alleged experience with police brutality in an interview with WEDR 99 Jamz’s Felisha Monet. During the conversation, Cardi described what happened and why she’s unwilling to talk to New York police.

According to the “Bodak Yellow” rapper, another driver hit the mirror of her car in traffic. The situation escalated when she went to confront him.

“I started hitting his window,” she revealed. “I did. I started hitting his window then I threw him a bottle of water. I’m not gonna lie. I wasn’t being an angel.”

This led to Cardi’s cousin — who was with her at the time — and the other driver squaring up to fight, which prompted Cardi to take off her shoe and throw it at the driver. After having the shoe thrown back at her, Cardi was about to witness the fight break out when everything changed.

“Out of nowhere, a mothafucka put me in a chokehold,” she explained while motioning how it was applied. “Put me in a chokehold with my hand behind my back like my chicken wing. And I couldn’t breathe.”

Cardi admitted that officers came to get statements from her and her family following her tweets accusing the unknown cop of police brutality, but she refused to cooperate.

“I don’t really wanna make a statement ’cause I ain’t never talked to no 12 before,” she said. “And even if I did talk, are they even gonna do anything about it? Most likely not, so why would I waste my time?”

Cardi felt justified in her refusal to talk to the NYPD after the department released a statement saying there was no evidence of an officer putting her in a chokehold. She considered it proof that the cops are lying.

TMZ reported that NYPD Assistant Commissioner Peter Donald revealed an investigation was made into the incident, but nothing supporting Cardi’s claims was found. According to Donald, records and surveillance video from the Columbus Circle area — where the incident allegedly went down — were reviewed by commanders in surrounding precincts yet didn’t yield any evidence.