Montreal, Canada

Back in April, Travis Scott previewed two new tracks with Quavo, confirming their long-rumored collaborative project. In a new Migos interview with MONTREALITY, Quavo provided an update on the collab by noting that they’ve already got around 20 songs locked down.

“The album with Travis Scott is going to drop real, real soon,” he said. “We been making a whole bunch of records.  We got a lot of records right now, we got like 20 records together. We just need some time to sort them out.”

Elsewhere in the interview, Migos talked about their upcoming Culture 2 album, which Offset labeled “a masterpiece.”



Quavo also talked about the influence that Migos has on Hip Hop.

“We in a time right now where we started a trend,” he said. “We started this whole little wave, we started the whole genre, we started the whole flow, we started the whole melody. Ain’t nobody right now in a point in their career can’t say right now that they ain’t took our flow.”

Migos ended the interview with a message for the youth.



“Do what you believe in, keep God first,” Offset said. Takeoff offered similar advice, adding the importance of education as well.  “Stay in school and keep God first,” he said. “Do what you believe in and don’t let nobody tell you that you can’t do it.”

Quavo took a second to think about his answer before responding. “Keep a tight circle,” he added. “Set yourself multiple goals. Even if you don’t make the first goal, there might be a reason that you don’t make the first goal so you can make the second.”

Check out the full interview above.