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HipHopDX Editor-in-Chief Trent Clark recently caught up with Redman to discuss a variety of subjects, including some of the legendary MC’s upcoming projects. The conversation eventually turned to Funk Doc’s favorite collab, which he revealed is Eminem’s “Off The Wall” from The Nutty Professor II: The Klumps soundtrack.

“The part about ‘Off The Wall’ was I went to Detroit to do it in the studio,” Red recalled. “So, we was in there, we was vibing. It was good vibing … We went in!”

Earlier on, DX had to ask about Red’s highly anticipated sequel to Muddy Waters. Reggie Noble explained why he’s revisiting the classic album but noted that he doesn’t want people to compare the LPs.

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Muddy Waters is my favorite album and I’m calling it Muddy Waters Too; not the number two but T-O-O,” he explained. “And the reason for that is I don’t want it to compare to with Muddy Waters, the first one. I’m saying this is Muddy Waters Too.”

Speaking of sequels, Red also detailed what it will take for another Def Squad album to happen. According to him, it’s all on Erick Sermon.

“I’m not doing a Def Squad album unless E do the beats we need to hear,” Red declared. “I’m ready for it. Keith [Murray] ready for it. We here.”

Watch the entire interview above for more from Red, such as 9th Wonder’s involvement in Muddy Waters Too, the possibility of DJ Premier producing Blackout! 3 and reflections on his “Buck 50” verse.