It appears that Royce Da 5’9 is the voice of reason in Slaughterhouse.

Nickel Nine appeared on the Grass Routes Podcast and provided an update on the group’s Glass House album in light of chatter about it never coming out. While its release is far from imminent, he revealed that it’s simply a matter of when — not if — it will happen.

“It’s a work in progress, that’s all,” Royce said around the 36-minute mark of the interview. “Everybody just passionate about it. Any time you see comments being made, it’s never that we don’t get along with each other. Let me just get that straight and break that shit down so it can forever be broke. Everybody gets along with each other. Everybody’s great. Sometimes, you may have one member that wants to do it sooner than another member, and that causes a little bit of an issue. You know what I’m saying? But that’s just passion. Passion for the creativity. That’s a great thing. It’s a work in progress and it will happen. It’s just about when.”

Royce’s sentiment contradicts the statements of fellow members Joe Budden and KXNG Crooked, who both sparked the fires of doubt about the LP. Earlier this year, Budden referred to the album as “the new Detox” on his I’ll Name This Podcast Later show and said it’s never coming out.

“For all of you people who keep wanting a music update, here it is. That Slaughterhouse project, you’re not getting it,” Budden said. “Sorry … It’s some shit on there. Unfortunately, the best Joell [Ortiz] verse that I have ever heard in my entire life is on this album that y’all are never gonna hear. That’s fucked up.”

In a July post on Instagram, Crooked seemed to confirm Budden’s words by stating that he was done fighting to get the album released.

“I hope one day you get Glasshouse because you deserve it,” he wrote. “A lot of creatives came together on that project and captured a moment in time that I would luv to share with the world. I fought the good fight to bring you those gems but like they say you can’t win them all. So moving forward I’m directing my energy to giving you the absolute best music I can possibly give you. I’m not turning my mic off no time soon. Thanks for the continued support I genuinely appreciate it.”

Budden, Crooked and Ortiz also exchanged tense words on Twitter in recent weeks, although many of the posts have since been deleted. Budden would later joke about leaking the LP on an episode of his show Everyday Struggle.