Forget gold and platinum, Logic might the first rapper to go inter-galactic (at least since the Beastie Boys…).

Rapper Logic appeared as himself on Sunday (August 13) night’s episode of the beloved cartoon-for-grown-ups Rick and Morty, spitting bars specifically written for the show at a universe-wide party.

Anyone who caught the episode, “Vindicators 3: The Return of World-Ender,” would likely have burst out laughing at Logic’s lyrical tribute to the hapless Noob Noob (“Can’t forget about the one who never seems to get a chance (Noob Noob!)/ All the bitches come around for (Noob Noob!)/ His dick get more business than YouTube”). Anyone who doesn’t get it needs to go and watch the episode, pronto.

Logic, who very much embraces his persona as a “nerd” rapper, wasn’t the only star in the show last night though, as the Adult Swim flagship also nabbed guest appearances from Gillian Jacobs, Christian Slater and Lance Reddick (AKA Cedric Daniels from The Wire).

If you missed the show, or if you don’t care about Rick and Morty and just want to see Logic rap about aliens for about 30 seconds, then check out the clip below.

Fans of the show seemed to really enjoy the cameo.