It’s not often that Trina, the normally soft-spoken Miami MC, exposes her volatile side when away from the microphone. In an Instagram Live session recorded on Wednesday (August 9), Trina let loose a profanity-laced rant where she calls out her haters, talks about her philanthropic work, and tells those talking down on her to put some respek respect on her name.

In the video, the “Smooth Sailing” rapper stands in front of a balcony and lets the camera have it. “Y’all hoes gonna start putting some respect on my muthafuckin’ name,” she demands. “I’mma start making you hoes bow down and kiss my muthafuckin’ feet.”

Trina later references her self-proclaimed “Baddest Bitch” title, yelling, “If you call me a bitch, make sure you put baddest in front of it.” As she calms down for a second, she runs her hands through her hair and tells someone off-camera to light the blunt.

She then starts up again, bringing up what she’s done for Miami. “I’m too busy planning for Trina Day next year since ‘I don’t give back’,” she says. “Did you ever give any toy drives? I ain’t never seen you at the muthafuckin’ hospitals giving toys to the kids, bitch.” Toward the end, she conveys that the people, who this rant is directed to, want to be on television. “Y’all hoes plot and try to get on TV,” she says. “Bitch, guess what? I am the muthafuckin’ TV.”

Though Trina doesn’t name any names in the rant, speculation is pointing toward a couple of targets.

KimBRocsMics, who may be in the upcoming series Love & Hip Hop: Miami, recently posted a rant reportedly calling out Trina for drug use on Instagram.

There’s also Khia, who recently made a video saying that Trina should own up to being an exotic dancer, similar to how Cardi B did.

Check out the rant above.