Chicago, IL – When Chance The Rapper told the Lollapalooza crowd, “I wanna get y’all jumpin’ and shit man … But I don’t wanna do it in a way where there’s a big build-up, I just wanna surprise y’all,” it’s unlikely they knew what he had in mind.

Chance had the Lollapalooza crowd rocking with him heavy after a performance of “Favorite Song” from the Acid Rap mixtape, but what happened next was truly unexpected.

Halfway through “Cocoa Butter Kisses” (from that same mixtape) Chance brought Vic Mensa on stage to perform it along with him, as well as Mensa’s The Autobiography opener “Say I Didn’t.”

Rappers bringing friends on stage is nothing new, but what makes this move different is that Chance and Vic had possibly been at odds with each other for a while. Beef rumors swirled between the two Chicagoans when Vic uploaded a picture of his birthday party to Instagram last year with Chance not-so-subtly edited out.

Vic Mensa took to his own Twitter to acknowledge that the dispute had come to an end (and to reference his Roc Nation boss JAY-Z’s “4:44”), writing “Nobody wins when the family feuds. THE VIBES ARE BACK.”

Chance had also been steadily promoting Vic’s new album on his own Instagram page, calling Mensa’s work “inspiring” and “so special to me.”

In another post he went into the history of how the two met as young rappers at a Chi-town open mic night.

Check out footage of the performance below.