Los Angeles, CA – Fans have been waiting a hot minute (two years, specifically) for Lil B to drop his long-teased Black Ken mixtape.

According to the artist’s own Twitter, the wait is finally almost over. The Based God shared the artwork and release date for the project last night, sending his fans into a suitably religious frenzy.

Will it be worth the wait? The record is 27 tracks long with only three skits, so the 27-year-old has certainly delivered on quantity. Lil B has also generously made seven tracks from the mixtape available to listen to for free, so fans can scope out exactly where Lil B took this project.

The partial Black Ken tape is now available for pre-order and streaming on Apple Music.

Amongst the seven available tracks is a collab with Ilovemakonnen called “Global,” which should be any fans first stop when checking out these new tracks.


So far, the online reaction is overwhelmingly positive.

Lil B, knowing just how passionate his fans are, tapped into the mood by tweeting: “WHO IS CRYING RIGHT NOW!!!! WHO IS CRYING!!!! NEW LIL B!! MUSIC!!!!!!! – Lil B”

Who was crying? Hella people, as it turns out.

Black Ken will be available in its entirety on August 17, Lil B’s birthday. For now, you can check out the seven free tracks below.