Miami, FL – Meek Mill may have squashed his beef with 50 Cent, but he has a new enemy in Trick Daddy. The Miami O.G. went off on the Wins & Losses rapper for comments made during a recent interview with Hot 97’s Ebro Darden. Meek mentioned how he influenced people in Trick’s hometown, which did not go over well with T-Double D.

“First of all, you need to know one motherfucking thing – Miami niggas are not followers, not mini-mes and me toos,” Trick said in an Instagram video addressed to Meek. “We trendsetters. We cocaine selling, machine gun rooting tooting shooting fool ass niggas. And don’t use my city or my niggas for character references. I will not accept it, nigga. I will get out of character, nigga. Do not fuck with me, nigga. Dirt bikes, Cuban Links and yachts … We cocaine cowboys, nigga.”

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Trick, who is no stranger to wild rants, was firing on all cylinders. He banned Meek from Miami, claiming the Maybach Music Group artist’s “visa has expired.”

“Ever since you lost yo girl, you been tripping,” he continued. “Ever since you lost yo girl, you been tripping, nigga! You better watch yo motherfucking mouth. As a matter of fact, yo visa has expired, nigga. Do not fuck with me. Your visa has expired, nigga. And you owe me and my city an apology. I’ll be waiting. Bitch ass nigga.”

On the surface, it seems like Trick is overreacting. During the interview with Hot 97, Meek claimed he influenced some people to ride yachts in Miami.

“When you see people rolling they skullies up, you see people with the diamond chains, everybody’s wearing Cuban Links,” Meek said. “When you see people in Miami on the yachts now, that comes from the influence of Meek Mill.”

While the relationship between Trick and Meek is suddenly an issue, Twitter has been having plenty of fun with the situation. Check out some of the best reactions below.