In 2005, T-Pain released his hit record “I’m N Luv (Wit a Stripper),” and in 2017 he’s sticking to his guns, revealing that he still isn’t opposed to falling in love with an exotic dancer.

The debate on whether or not to fall in love with a stripper arose on Twitter after Atlanta rhymer  Young Thug, who is currently engaged to swimwear designer Jerrika Karlae, declared that “Fucking a stripper is one thAng… but falling in-love with em is different and shouldn’t be done.”

As a sort of stripper advocate, T-Pain soon chimed in with his thoughts on the matter.

“@youngthug I got a few reasons I disagree, and two of those reasons are bringing back money tonight I love em all lol. Ain’t 4 errbody,” T-Pain tweeted back.

The debate ended on a cordial note, with T-Pain offering to introduce Thugger to a “rare breed” of stripper. Thug then gave T-Pain props for being one of “the greats.”

Notably, the conversation between the two musicians comes shortly after the epic fallout between Rob Kardashian and his former girlfriend/retired stripper Blac Chyna.