Snoop Dogg takes aim at Atlanta artist Young Thug and his eccentric ways in his new “Moment I Feared” music video.

In the new visual for the Neva Left track, a Young Thug-esque rapper by the name of Fonz D-Lo wears a dress similar to the one Thugger donned on the cover art for his Jeffery album and strikes an identical pose.

Snoop Dogg

Thug has been known to rock a dress previously and has modeled for Calvin Klein’s womenswear collection.

Additionally, the rapper caricatured in Snoop’s “Moment I Feared” video also rocks Kool-Aid red dreadlocks, floral heels and a pink handbag.

The track also features the lyrical assistance of Rick Rock, the rapper/beatsmith credited as one of the architects of the Hyphy sound.

Despite his apparent critique of the current batch of rappers making waves, Snoop did begin his video by giving newer rap artists kudos for their originality.

“That’s what Hip Hop is. It’s meant to be different,” Snoop said. “It’s never meant for it to be the same. It’s called biting if you duplicating what’s been done. So originality, I give ’em a big thumbs up for being original and doing they thing.”

In a one-on-one interview between Snoop and D-Lo featured at the end of the video, Snoop asks the fictitious figure if he’s gay. Fonz D-Lo enthusiastically responds: “Yes! I’m happy. I’m happy right now in my career … Happy means gay.”

The rapper is now catching some criticism for the video and being accused of homophobia in an article in The Guardian.