When Paris Hilton and Kanye West FaceTimed Ninja out of the blue at 2 a.m., the South African rapper didn’t know what to expect.

“Music? Maybe he wants to talk about music? I make music, I’m a rapper,” the non Yolandi Visser half of Die Antwoord explained in a story that VICELAND animated.

But music wasn’t what West had in mind.

Ninja says West invited him over to his mansion where the Yeezus rapper quickly noticed his guest was wearing basketball sneakers. Yeezy immediately invited Ninja to shoot some hoops next door “at Drake’s place.”

It’s at this point that Ninja recounts to VICE that he and Drake have history, and that Ninja had once shared a meme calling Drake a “faggot” from his bandmate’s phone after being unimpressed by a Drizzy live show.

zef_aliennou wie is die naai?

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It all appeared to be forgotten when Ninja turned up on the court, though. “This is the problem with the rap game,” Ninja explained. “At Drake’s house, nobody said anything to me, nobody hit me.”

As for the basketball game, Ninja says that when he turned up Drake was kitted out in “NBA shit. Brand new Jordans, the high socks, blue shorts, blue top … I think he was wearing a headband.”

Ninja went on to say that his team won the first game (no thanks to him — he was asked to hit the bench)… but also went on to describe what he was fantasizing about while the others played without him. Let’s just say it involves the words “Drake” and “teabag.”

This is all before he retells the bizarre “Banana Pudding” story he shared last year.

Watch the video above.