With the male romper serving as the most ridiculed fashion trend of the week, the internet has been swift in calling out those who have chosen to rock their RompHim-inspired apparel.

Atlanta rapper Young Dro quickly became one of those victims when a photo of him wearing what appeared to be a floral romper surfaced online.

“Young Dro looking like a hidden Character trapped inside a tropical Skittles bag,” one merciless Twitter user wrote.

The Southern wordsmith has now come forward to prove that he was in fact wearing two different articles of clothing, and not one that, as he put it, “connect to my nuts.”

“I don’t know what y’all thinking, my boy,” Young Dro said. “But I don’t wear no romper, man. Check this out … This is a pair of shorts right here. Now this. This is the shirt that matches the shorts. You see what I’m saying? I don’t wear romper shit, man. What the fuck? Y’all think I’m finna put on some shit that connect to my nuts? Man, you got me fucked up, bruh.”

Dro later added that if he wanted to throw on a romper, we’d have no choice but to accept his attire.

“And if I did put on a mothafuckin’ onesie, bitch. What the fuck you gon’ do about it? I’ma pull up. And I’ma pull that whole mothafucka down and get that head from your ho,” he said.