Los Angeles, CA – For Justin Simien, his path to Hollywood has been one mired in the kind of racism you would expect a black man to experience. After the success of his acclaimed and highly publicized movie Dear White People, Simien has followed it up with a show of the same title on Netflix. While the show currently has a perfect rating on the notoriously critical Rotten Tomatoes, Simien discusses how that path hasn’t always been so kind to him.

“[I experienced backlash] from day one,” Simien recalls during his recent segment on #DXLive. ‘The thing is [that] I incorporated it all into the movie. Anything negative people said, any knee-jerk reaction people had literally verbatim, their words are in the movie. Because, to me, that’s all a part of it. The fact that as a black artist I have to endure the knee-jerk [reactions] from the majority? That’s kind of what I’m talking about here. ‘Stuff White People Like’ I don’t remember that getting backlash [and] I don’t remember seeing people protest Stephen Colbert’s ‘Hey White People’ but because it’s a black guy saying the words white and people together, I don’t know, that just freaks people out.”

The outrage followed Simien to Netflix after it was announced that Dear White People would become a show. “No one canceled their subscription — not with Fuller House on,” exclaimed Simien as he details the backlash. “It was a bunch of people trying to make a story and put themselves out there. It’s kind of a sport to attack black liberals.” Simien even managed to wrangle the attention of the KKK. “The thing that was like the craziest to me [was] David Duke, former Grand Wizard or whatever, did this video of how I was calling for a white genocide. It wasn’t even offensive; it was just like ‘What?’ I couldn’t figure out how he made that connection but you know, he’s right,” Simien recalls sarcastically. “It’s a call for the end of all white people.”

Having started the script while he was enrolled at Chapman University, Dear White People is a labor of love that has taken nearly 15 years to come to fruition. “I had been writing this movie since I was in college and it was called 2% and [Dear White People character] Samantha White is the shock jock, college radio host and she always had this show. Honestly, this is what did it; it was when like the thousandth person did their ‘Single Ladies’ video, right around that time. Me and my whites were trading ‘dear white people’ [jokes] back and forth over just how quickly things were appropriated and I said, ‘This should be the name of Sam’s show,’ so I start tweeting as her to see how people would take it and honestly it was organically just the right title to me.”

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