In an interview with Complex, veteran rapper Rick Ross has cleared up his intentions with “Idols Become Rivals” — a track from his album Rather You Than Me directed at Cash Money boss Birdman.

Ross has previously said that he has no respect for Birdman, thanks to his reputation for withholding earnings from rappers on his label. Most notably, Lil Wayne has had a long-standing feud with Birdman over his label’s refusal to drop Tha Carter V.

In this most recent interview, Rozay says that he hopes Birdman doesn’t take “Idols Become Rivals” as a diss but instead listens to it and acts accordingly.

“I just feel like us being who we are… It’s about us building together, and not necessarily tearing each other down,” he said. “A lot of people may have took that as a diss record, but for me I hope homie took something from that.

“I hope something good come from that,” Rozay continued. “I hope that him and Wayne will be able to work out whatever it is, and anybody else that’s watching will understand there’s different ways to deal with things.”

The statements reflect what Ross said back in March when the song dropped. He told Atlanta’s Hot 107.9FM, “It’ ain’t a diss record, it’s just a clean your face record. … I just want him to feel it. … I ain’t got no respect for him.”

Watch Rick Ross speak on “Idols Become Rivals” with Complex above.