Miami, FL

Lil Pump, a rising rapper out of Miami, Fla., has aimed his sights on one of Hip Hop’s most adored stars in J. Cole with a new diss track. The song, “Fuck J. Cole,” was teased on social media and the record finds Pump hurling all sorts of “bitch ass” and “ugly ass” insults towards the multi-platinum rap star.

Pump has aimed shots at J. Cole in times past via social media, but the new song has been the most aggressive shot thrown thus far. The track, produced by frequent collaborator Smokepurpp, doesn’t really go far beyond the very literal title over a typical trap beat. Pump can be seen in the clip bobbing his head and mouthing the chorus, “Nigga, Fuck J. Cole” throughout the brief preview of the track.

With over 183,000 followers on his Soundcloud page, 86,000 Twitter followers, and 455,000 Instagram fans, the movement certainly appears strong. A quick scan of Pump’s Twitter timeline shows the rapper retweeting praise from his fan base and consistently promoting himself and Smokepurpp.

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Back in February, Lil Pump and Smokepurpp dropped their track “Movin” produced by Denzel Curry and Ronny J., the latter of whom collaborated with XXXTENTACION in the past. Producer $ki Mask The Slump God is also credited for the online hit.

A 2016 video for the track “Lil Pump” is another major smash for the rapper, racking over 2, 700,000 views and counting.

Whether or not this attempt to call out J. Cole is just a ruse for attention or another line drawn in the sand between so-called “mumble rappers” and the “lyrical, miracle, spiritual” set remains to be seen. At any rate, the stage is set for quite an interesting battle if the Dreamville boss decides to respond.