Drake’s name was all in the headlines last week for less-than-favorable reasons after Instagram model Layla Lace claimed she was impregnated by the Canadian superstar. According to TMZ‘s Drake sources, not only are Lace’s claims fake, but the pair has never even met.

Lace came forward in with some now-deleted Instagram posts claiming Drake got her pregnant then began avoiding her calls once she alerted him of the news. Lace posted several pieces of evidence from her side while the OVO boss didn’t dignify the rumor with a public statement.

TMZ reports that a source from Drake’s camp said that Lace is telling tall tales to the point that he didn’t even think to put the legal wolves on her. Adding a new wrinkle to the case, her IG account leads to an error message and is no longer available online.

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Drake’s team reportedly believes Lace was just looking to get a little fame to come her way and that once she got the attention she sought, the posts disappeared from her Instagram timeline.