Hollywood, CA

Since dropping his breakout single “First Day Out,” Tee Grizzley has been placed at the forefront of Detroit’s buzzing movement focusing more on street raps. Doesn’t hurt that he can call 300 Entertainment his label home with them recently releasing his debut mixtape My Moment.

Getting time with Grizzley at Manor in Hollywood last Thursday (April 14), he talked about making “First Day Out” while serving three years in prison for home invasion.

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“When I was locked up bro, I was just writing a whole bunch of songs,” he said.  “I wrote this one song. It didn’t have a hook on it. I was like I’m going to be calm and first and then turn up. All through my bid, I was just adding to it. Touching it up and critiquing it. I was like I’m going to drop this first. That’s why I named it ‘First Day Out’ because that was the first thing I did when I got out.”

Released last year, “First Day Out” has millions in streams and has already counted over 28 million on Spotify alone. The accompanying YouTube video has earned over 26 million views since its release in November 2016.

Currently, he’s on tour with 21 Savage and Young M.A in support of the Issa Tour.