Chino XL is known for saying absolutely anything about anyone. He has even taken a shot at Rakim before. He has said that it is never personal, just entertainment. When Chino said “by this industry I’m trying not to get raped like 2Pac in jail,” on his debut LP “Here To Save You All,” 2Pac didn’t find it too enteratining. Hence, during his rant at the end of “Hit’em Up” he says “Chino XL fuck you too nigga.” According to a recent interview with Chino at he said they did squash the beef. As far as the beef with Tupac and yourself, did you get to squash that before he passed?

Chino XL: I don’t really like to talk about it too much because I’ve talked about it so much. I’ve got a chance to see him on Venice Beach one time right before he passed and I let him know that if I would have known [my lyrics] would have [upset] him like that, I would never have said it. I mean I was a fan of his like everyone else was. Everything was straight though and the Outlawz are my peeps from Jersey so it was all peace.