Lil Yachty is not without his share of critics. Between calling Notorious B.I.G. overrated and the distaste among much of the old school for his “mumble rapping,” legions of rap fans out there have found reason to dislike a successful young artist on the come-up.

Lil Boat appeared in a good-natured interview on The Breakfast Club recently and was talking to the hosts about the public perception of him, when Charlamagne pointed out that when people want to use an example of a “wack rapper,” they generally pick Lil Yachty.

“You are the poster child for wack rappers. If they want to say somebody’s wack, they say you. It was Trinidad James at one point. As far as being the poster child for when people who wanna say what’s wrong with Hip Hop … It’s a generational thing.”

Understandably, Lil Yachty seemed pretty shocked by Charlamagne’s blunt assessment of him: “Woah, that’s what I’m in?!”

“That’s crazy! We’re in two different lanes, me and Trinidad James. To even say that I took his spot … just to sit here and hear you put me in Trinidad James’ spot of the ‘shine of being terrible,’ I don’t think I’ma claim that.”

Charlamagne walked the situation back a little bit, claiming that the Migos had also been victims of public perception.

“My point is it doesn’t matter, it’s a generational thing.”