Before the first weekend of April kicked off, Kendrick Lamar had to remind everyone why many refer to him as king with the release of “Humble.”

Since its drop, the single, supposedly set to be released on his fourth full-length album, has earned over 20 million YouTube views and created a few interesting debates.  

First, was K. Dot throwing shots at Big Sean or not?

And second, was Kendrick’s well-intended critique of beauty standards an exercise in misogyny?

Who knows? But, this recent Instagram post from Kelly Rowland should mean something, right?

However, one thing is for sure, “Humble.” serves as another example of the Top Dawg Entertainment MC’s dedication to the city of Compton. Take one of his closest homies Show Gudda for example.

Hyper-obsessive fans of King Kendrick probably recognize this swagged out, gap-toothed individual from the To Pimp A Butterfly album insert and role in the “King Kunta” video.

When HipHopDX’s Ural Garrett linked up with Gudda outside his home in Compton, it was the morning following the release of “Humble.” where he had another cameo.

In the clip, he gives insight into his relationship with Kendrick and being surprised by the video’s release.

“Aww man, me and that nigga go way back since junior high and elementary days since we was little,” said Gudda. “I’m a little bit older than them. I’m like the wise old head. Them my niggas though since kids. We were all down this block. We use to be everywhere doing a whole lot of shit. We be laughing and group texting about all the shit.”

Gudda has also been releasing his own music for the past decade on his Black Ops Militia label. Late last year, he dropped W.A.N.T.S, which stands for We Are Not The Same. Expect more music and visuals in the future as he plans to release more music by the end of the year. He also explains what he’s learned from Kendrick’s rise from aspiring rapper to one of the biggest in the game.

“Man I learned a lot man from my bro,” he said. “You just can’t stay in the box. You gotta jump out the box. If you can get out that box and still come back and be an inspiration to your city, that’s cold with it. That’s what I learned from my bro. He told me to look further than the small picture because it’s a bigger picture.”

Wrapping up our time with Gudda, he ended the interview by speaking on why Kendrick means so much to the city of Compton.

“He’s the same dude as when we were growing up,” he explained. “He’s the same dude who never changed, humble. That’s him. That’s why that song went so crazy man. That’s just him. He’s always been that dude. We always knew from a long time ago that he was going to go. He was like how Jordan played basketball. He was doing that for rap. This is what he really wanted to do. He knew. You feel me?”