For 6 years now BET has offered “mature viewers” the
opportunity to ogle all the ass and titty they like on BET Uncut. With the rating of TV-MA, the content was intended for
those viewers over the age of 17, those who wouldn’t be influenced by Nelly
running a credit card through a woman’s ass.

It was content such as that, imagery that many claimed was
misogynistic and degrading to women, which prompted a lot of controversy for BET. It has not been said whether or
not that was a factor in BET executives canceling the show.

The final show, hosted by Jermaine Dupri aired this past Friday. No word yet what show will
be taking its time slot on a permanent basis. Of course, if the online petition
circulating has its way, BET Uncut will
be back, bringing the booty.