Austin, TX - 

Lil Yachty was among the several rising young stars who descended upon Austin, Texas for this year’s SXSW festival, but there was one moment the show itself almost went south. During a set over the weekend, the Atlanta rapper got into a verbal confrontation with a fan unimpressed with his stage show.

According to video captured by a fan, it appears the 19-year-old artist was taken aback by the crowd’s weak response to his rendition of D.R.A.M.’s hit single “Broccoli.”

“Damn that shit was so crazy,” Yachty said of the crowd’s low-energy response as he launched into the song. “That shit sounded like y’all dreaded that shit.”

A fan can be heard on the clip yelling “You got no energy, nigga,” which caused Yachty to respond in an exasperated tone.

“Me? Me? What the fuck you want me to do?” Yachty fired back. One of Yachty’s crew members then doused the unhappy fan with bottled water and added, “Yeah, shut your ass up, nigga. Suck my dick, how bout that?”

After some more water tossing, Yachty, along with his crew, appeared poised to go into battle, but instead eventually went into a performance of “Minnesota.”

A review from Austin360 from a different set that Yachty did over the weekend also railed against his low-energy performance, describing him as having “anti-charisma” and saying he had trouble staying on beat throughout the 40-minute show.

*Correction: This article originally stated that the incident happened at the Quality Control showcase at the YouTube-sponsored Copper Tank venue. It was actually at a different venue. We regret the error.