It seems like it’s round two in the Lil Wayne/Gillie Da Kid beef (if it can even be labeled “beef” at
this point).

DX reported that
Gillie recently blew the whistle on Weezy
allegedly not writing his own rhymes. Wayne
responded by dissing Gillie on the Like Father, Like Sun mix tape. Attempts
by Gillie to contact Wayne
went unanswered.

Gillie responded to the diss while appearing on the Wendy
show yesterday and the former Major Figgas front man dropped several
bombs of his own.

The highlights:

When asked about if he ever witnessed any homosexual
activity at Cash Money, he responded with, “But
of course, how you gonna kiss a ni**a in the mouth? I don’t even kiss my own
son in the mouth…Real ni**a’s kiss each other on the cheek, that’s what you see
people in the Mob do”.

Stayed tuned to DX,
we’ll keep you posted.

Check out the freestyle from Gillie da Kid and Elliot Ness regarding the Wayne situation…

Gillie da Kid and Elliot Ness Freestyle