Los Angeles, CA – The year is 1978 and the city is the New York City. And an as-yet-unnamed new pop cultural force is bubbling in popularity, jeopardizing the stronghold disco music has on the Bronx and beyond.

Part Two of Netflix’s highly favored series, The Get Down has arrived and HipHopDX is proud to premiere its high-octane trailer ahead of its global April 7, 2017 premiere date. The scene is set exactly one year after the events that transpired during the six-episode Part One. Everyone is in for another BX rendezvous that involves greedy record label execs, a bankrupt Rotten Apple and all around gangsta shit.

Through The Get Down Pt. II trailer we discover that our young lovers, Books (Justice Smith) and Mylene (Herizen F. Guardiola) have their romance pushed to the limit as cultural revolution and their adjacent careers continue to blossom. We also come to learn that Shaolin Fantastic’s (Shameik Moore) means to get the Get Down Brothers in the mix comes with a costly price.

The series has been praised for its semblance to the pre-Hip Hop era, which includes going to great lengths to capture the late 70s New York City ambiance the BX was known for. It’s the type of history its executive producer Nas even got a crash course of history on. In an exclusive interview with HipHopDX last year, the rap legend elaborated on what he had learned as the show was being developed.

“Maybe like on a politics side or a community side, it kind of took me back,” Nas recalled when asked about the new knowledge he obtained from The Get Down.

“I could remember the [New York City] blackout in ’77. I remember what it was like so if I had to write a scene for it to be filmed I could make it exactly the way it was in my apartment the night of the 77 blackout. So it took me back and that right there struck a chord with me. Me and Baz had to have a nice conversation about that night that I’ll never forget, and I was only 4-years-old but I was fully aware of how serious it was, so it was just taking me back to how things were happening and what would be happening with lights going off, no electricity in the city, the city going through somewhat of a bankrupt moment, how buildings were left behind all over the Bronx. So that right there was taking me back because when you think of New York today, you think of a whole different situation. You don’t really understand the trouble New York has gone through as a city, alone, and to get where it is today. To me, I’m proud of my city because I saw it go through hell.”

The Get Down Pt. II trailer can be viewed up above. Check below for exclusive stills and the official poster of the second coming.

the get down 2 trailer
The Get Down Pt. II official poster