Los Angeles, CA – Could Eminem be working on a new album — he actually plans on releasing?

Stat Quo, the former Shady Records MC, mentions that such a project is in progress as he breaks down how he is still known in the circle by the incident that led to his Shady Records exodus. “Denaun called me yesterday [when] him and Em were working on the album and he was telling me, and I haven’t really been in the room with [Eminem, since leaving Shady Records], that shit that happens is still what they say when they mention me,” exclaims Stat on his most recent episode of #DXLive. “So we gon’ work that out. When he comes out here [to LA], I’m pulling up [and] I’m going over there with him and Dre… and we gon’ figure that out.”

If you don’t recall, Stat Quo previously stopped by the DXHQ and sat down with our DXLive team and explained how he and Eminem parted ways.

“My album would have came out but I fucked up. There was a song called ‘Dance On It’. Em wrote the chorus and Em wanted me to say the chorus. I thought it was not good… My exact quote was: ‘I’ll put it out if you stay on the hook’ and then I said, ‘Give me a million dollars and I’ll put it out.’ He was mad as shit.”

Stat Quo also offered his opinion on the Remy Ma and Nicki Minaj beef and even offering a potential strategy for Nicki to employ.

“I was her, I would write like eight bars where I was totally shitting on this bitch for [the] eight bars. I would play it live on [a show like #DXLive] that’s broadcasted to a lot of people. After the eight bars, the beat drops then I’d say, ‘That’s enough. That’s all you get.’ The whole world would go [crazy]. Every time she went somewhere everybody would be like, ‘Yo put it out!’ They would say how crazy it is. [Nicki] can’t spend eight minutes to go at a girl who is not on the [same] level as her. Longevity wise, Remy been here. She done went to jail and came back [so] you gotta respect the longevity but as far as [being] a worldwide success? The two are in totally different places. It wouldn’t be smart for her to come all the way down to do that. I think when Drake did it, it was more of a, ‘Ok I know y’all think I’m Canadian and y’all can push me around but I’m really lowkey a battle rapper.’”

Ironically, Foxy Brown took a page from that tactical book when she lashed out against Remy Ma via the “Breaks Over” diss snippet, which employed Jay Z’s “Takeover” beat to counter the “SHETHER” instrumental, which utilized Nas’ “Ether.”

Foxy Brown Adds Her 2 Cents To Nicki Minaj Remy Ma Beef

Whether Nicki takes Stat’s advice or decides to leave the beef dead in the water remains to be scene. but when and if she does, DX will be ready. Keep it locked on #DXLive each Thursday on Facebook/HipHopDX and for more information on the beef and any more details regarding the forthcoming Eminem album, stay close to this homepage.