Atlanta, GA

2 Chainz’s Atlanta eatery, Escobar Restaurant and Tapas, has failed its first health inspection since its December 2016 grand opening. The Georgia Department of Public Health gave the establishment a grade of “U” or 59 out of 100 points after a nearly two-hour inspection February 17. The report cited raw seafood next to utensils, black and red mold-like substance inside the ice machine and a lack of soap or paper towels by the hand-washing sink —putting customers at risk for illness.

That was apparently just the tip of the iceberg. The inspection described the garbage area as heavily soiled with food debris and noted that juice was sitting on the ground and expired milk was on the shelves, according to 11 News in Atlanta. Raw hamburgers were reportedly stored over collard greens and raw eggs over strawberries and cheese. Raw shrimp and fish placed over sweet potatoes were also observed, which violates the code stipulating food items must be stored with other items requiring similar minimum cooking temperatures.

Additionally, chicken wings were cooked at temperatures that ranged from 113-125 degrees, however, all hot food items must maintain 135 degrees or higher. Throw in raw lobster sitting inside the prep sink thawing in water to the list and it added up to one sad, dismal score. 2 Chainz can’t be pleased with this result. After all, he appeared to have high hopes for the restaurant. Luckily, Escobar has one more chance at redeeming itself on March 3, when the inspector returns to ensure everything is up to code. Until then, 2 Chainz and staff have some work to do — and apparently lots of it. Check out the full report above and a picture from the grand opening below.