Atlanta rapper/singer/actor/comedian/director jack-of-all-trades Donald Glover (AKA Childish Gambino) called in for an interview with Big Boy’s Neighborhood and touched on a medley of topics, including a possible collaborative project with Chance The Rapper.

The two set off speculation that they were working on something together after Chance shared a photo to IG in the first days of 2017.

Hawaii then LA, back to work. #roscoeswetsuit

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Gambino explained that with the pair’s busy schedules, timing is the biggest factor.

“I mean, we definitely met up before,” Gambino said. “I don’t know if I’ll see him again now that he’s won a Grammy. We’ll see what happens. But yeah, we actually sat down in the studio and were talking for a little bit. We’re both busy but I think when he has like a moment we’ve been sitting down and just working together. I think it’s about catching a vibe. I really like the EP he just put out … We have to find a time to sit down together.”

In addition to speaking on his FX series Atlanta, which he confirmed won’t be out again until 2018, Gambino elaborated on the idea of music genres. He declared that genre is dead, and revealed that listeners are more interested in receiving “quality” music from artists.

“I think genre’s dead … People just want quality. People just want excellence … There really is no genre anymore, so you just have to make something new,” Childish Gambino said.

Gambino later provided some insight into his Awaken, My Love! track “Redbone.” He revealed that there’s an alternate version of the song, which was deaded by his mother or grandmother.

“There’s a whole ‘nother version of the song where I’m singing in a lower register,” he said. “A lower tone. Like I usually do. And I listened to it for a long time and I just felt like … the beginning of the song felt so good. And then I felt like the way I was singing it just didn’t shock you. It didn’t give you that feeling. I think my mother or grandmother was like ‘I love the beginning.’ And I was like ‘I really wanna carry the happiness of that beginning.'”

The Atlanta star also just won awards for Best New Series and Best Comedy Series at the Writers Guild Awards this past weekend.

Video of Childish Gambino discussing AtlantaAwaken, My Love!, and a collab with Chance The Rapper, is above.