John Legend and his wife Chrissy Teigen have achieved legendary status on Twitter, not only as #relationshipgoals, but as masterful trolls of people like Donald Trump and Piers Morgan.

But this week proved that even internet heroes like John Legend aren’t safe from memes, when one keen set of eyes pointed out that the “All Of Me” singer looks a little like the titular aardvark from PBS’ Arthur.

Arthur already proved the source of near-infinite meme-worthy content in 2016, and Twitter users were on-hand to provide that sweet content once more. The original tweet has over 75,000 RTs (and counting).

The prize for the best meme of all, though, goes to Chrissy Teigen who absolutely savaged her husband with this meme:

There is no recovering from that. Chrissy Teigen has officially won at both memes and marriage in one fell swoop.

As for John, his main reaction seemed to be utter confusion, tweeting his wife to tell her that he has never even heard of “this Arthur character.”

The show, which premiered in 1996, would have been too late for the 38-year-old singer’s childhood cartoon sessions.