Booise Badazz has never won a Grammy Award, and the Louisiana rapper thinks he knows exactly why.

Not only has Boosie diagnosed the problem, but he also has a pretty concrete idea of how he can solve it.

It’s simple: just host a ghetto Grammys.

“I probably won’t never win a muthafuckin’ Grammy,” Boosie said in a video posted to his own Instagram page.

“You gotta understand I’m like a — I’m the bad boy. Kind of like the bad boy of the industry. I ain’t really that Grammy nigga. But if they had a ghetto Grammy? If they had a fucking Grammy in the muthafuckin’ hood? And everybody voted in the muthafuckin’ streets? Nigga, I’d have 55 muthafuckin’ Grammys nigga, ya heard me?”

“We need to do a muthafuckin’ Ghetto Grammy awards and see who ran that muthafucker back-to-back.”

Boosie’s Instagram video on the subject comes just days after Chance The Rapper beat out stiff competition from the likes of Drake and Kanye West to win “Best Rap Album” at this year’s ceremony.