Nothing says “lyrical showdown” quite like a suit and tie…

British viral platform Unilad managed to recruit West Coast legend Ice Cube to judge a rap battle they organized between an English teacher, Mark Grist, and a math teacher, Harry Baker.

So far, it’s done almost 2 million views on Facebook in just under 24 hours.

Putting aside appearances for one second and listening to both rappers, there are actually a lot of bars on offer from both sides, particularly if you’re a bit of a math geek (e.g. “You can’t touch this like asymptotes” or “More one-sided than a Möbius strip”).

It was a close affair and Ice Cube showed love to both competitors, calling the clash an “epic rap battle,” but in the end the N.W.A veteran gave the edge to English teacher Mark Grist.

“It’s close to a tie but I gotta give the edge to Mr. Grist. He came out with props. When you come out with props, you get props,” the Fist Fight star said.

Mark Grist has gone viral before as a result of his Don’t Flop rap battle versus Blizzard, strategically titled “Student vs Teacher Rap Battle” when it was first posted to YouTube.

Harry Baker, on the other hand, is well known for his slam poetry and has even given a TedX Talk, which featured some of his work.