Winston Churchill supposedly once said that a lie can get halfway round the world before the truth has a chance to get its pants on. In the age of the internet, a lie can go the full way round the world before the truth even realises that it’s not wearing any pants.

Such is the case with a viral video that emerged this week, purporting to feature rapper Tory Lanez embroiled in a street-fight.

The video, posted on WorldStarHipHop with the title “Lol: Alleged Footage Of Tory Lanez Trying To Fight A Guy In The Street!” has had its authenticity refuted by Lanez himself.

The rapper tweeted: “There is no video of me fighting in the street lol … nice try tho .. ps: that nigga got ZERO hands.”

Even at first glance, this is one that’s in immediate contention for the “fake news” folder. Supposedly, Tory Lanez is the guy in the black shirt, but it doesn’t even look all that much like him.