Los Angeles, CA

Funnyman Eric Andre has pulled some stunts in his day but apparently being booed up with Rosario Dawson (on Valentine’s Day at that) is not one of them.

This February 14, the zany comedian chose to go public with his relationship with the veteran actress and naturally, the Internet wasn’t buying it.

(Have you seen his show? Can you blame them?)

Apparently, Chance The Rapper didn’t really believe it either and he took it upon himself to text Dawson, 37, if this was a prank or not. Seeing that Andre was laid up in her arms and it was indeed the real deal, Andre took it upon himself to set the record straight once and for all.

Of course Chance got a kick out of it.

And there were props to be had.

Even though his relationship status isn’t checked single, Andre is still interviewing “Hot Babes of Instagram” this week. Check out the recent entry down below.