The undisputed pop queen, Beyoncé, went up against British singing sensation Adele at Sunday night’s (February 12) 59th Grammy Music Awards, and the outcome even surprised Adele. Beyoncé’s LEMONADE was vying for Album Of The Year against Adele’s 25. While Adele wound up taking home the coveted trophy, during her speech she gushed about her love for Beyoncé and said she deserved the award. However, 25 sold over seven million more copies than LEMONADE, which was presumably a deciding factor in the winner. Countless people, however, were in Adele’s corner, including The Game, who said he’s a big fan of the sultry songstress.

When approached by a TMZ reporter to get his thoughts on the perceived upset, he said, “You want me to hate on Adele? I’m not fucking hating on Adele for you. I fucking love Adele. She shoulda won. She said, ‘Hello from the other side,’ bro. Did you ever write your album and say, ‘Hello from the other side?’

“Adele did, though,” he continued. “Who the fuck says ‘Hello from the other side’ that’s not an alien?”



When the reporter said, “She beat the queen,” the Compton rapper stopped for a second and looked a bit perplexed before replying, “I think Beyoncé has a trillion awards. I think Adele’s got a trillion awards. At this point, Adele probably knows Beyoncé is her only competition worldwide and Beyoncé probably knows that Adele is her only competition.”

Kendrick Lamar, however, reportedly did not share the same sentiments and was “really upset” at Adele’s win, according to TDE’s Punch.

The Game skipped the Grammy Awards this year, but then again, he wasn’t nominated. Nonetheless, he still threw in his two cents. Watch the video above.