Los Angeles, CA

We have learned to expect nothing but an epic show from Beyoncé when she chooses to grace her fans with a television performance. After performing with Kendrick Lamar at the BET Awards, Queen Bey returned to give a rendition of “Love Drought” and “Sandcastles” at this year’s Grammy Awards on Sunday (February 12). Reminiscent of her 2011 MTV Video Music Awards where she announced she was pregnant with Blue Ivy, Bey gave her whole Grammy performance with twins in tow.

Some viewers were impatient with Bey’s slow introduction.

But were quieted when she wowed everyone with this seemingly perilous chair tilt.

Beyoncé ended holding her baby bump, but the audience didn’t need much reminder that the megastar is pregnant. They even imagined the perfect ending to the performance: her giving birth.

The overall sentiment was one of high praise for the singer whose LEMONADE album is nominated for Album of the Year. Shortly after the performance, she won the award for Best Urban Contemporary Album.

And here are some more jokes that didn’t fit anywhere else.