The Game is down accusations that some women were removed from his Super Bowl party last Sunday because they were “dark-skinned.”

A video had emerged online of one of the women purporting that The Game‘s cousin had told the woman’s friend that she shouldn’t have brought “dark meat” to the party and that she had to leave.

The Game got in touch with TMZ to give his side of the story, saying that it was a private party of about 20 people: “It was in my home, it wasn’t like it was in Dave & Buster’s.”

He continued by saying that the woman had asked him for socks, and he had given her “Polo socks, good socks, fresh out the pack.”

As for why they ended up being removed, he had an answer for that, too. “I wasn’t discriminatory or nothing … They were here about 20 minutes, they made a few drinks, they ate some pizza, so I started asking people, ‘Do you know them?’ So I had somebody ask them who did they know and they said, ‘Oh we just heard about it so we came.’ So then they were asked to leave because they didn’t know anyone and I can’t be having random people in my crib.”

He then shares why it would make no sense for him to kick people out of his party because of their skin color.

“I got a homegirl Kelly and Kelly probably gon’ kill me for this, but ain’t nobody blacker than Kelly,” he says. “Kelly black, and she was there all night.”

The rapper expresses his frustration at being called racist, but ultimately brushes off the incident.

“You can’t do nothing right these days,” he laughs. “You can’t even have a Super Bowl party at your own house without being called racist. Get the fuck outta here.”

Watch the video of The Game explaining why he kicked the women out of his Super Bowl party above.