Chris Brown is keeping the flame alive in his ongoing beef with rival Soulja Boy, this time parodying the Atlanta rapper’s ill-fated visit to a Compton neighborhood that almost turned ugly. Employing the services of comedian-actor DeRay Davis, Brown reenacts the moment in an updated version of the #SouljaBoyChallenge trend.

In a video posted earlier today to Breezy’s Instagram account, the clip features Davis, who some might remember from The Barbershop movie series, parodying how Soulja strolled into the hood and got almost got caught up in a dangerous situation.

While the location of the clip isn’t known, it could be assumed that Brown and Davis were in Hollywood while filming the parody. In the clip, Davis professes he’s “Hollywood” and tried to put his arm around the singer before Brown shoved him off similarly as to what the gang member did to Soulja in the now-viral clip from earlier times.

“Yo, they say DeRay no celebrity. Deray be out here. I’m Hollywood. Yo, what’s up homie,” Davis said before a menacing Brown pushes him offscreen.

The first #SouljaBoyChallenge kicked off when Joe Budden spoofed Soulja’s over-the-top retelling of a robbery at his Atlanta home to DJ Vlad last year, sparking a number of other celebrities and media figures to join in on the act.

Just last week, Brown mentioned that he and Soulja’s much-ballyhooed boxing match is still on and that he’ll fund the venture. Although this so-called second version of the #SouljaBoyChallenge didn’t grow legs as the first time out, we’ve collected the few we’ve seen on social media thus far.

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