Houston, TX

News broke this week that Nicki Minaj’s Los Angeles home was burglarized to the tune of an estimated $200,000 in stolen items. Chatter began to emerge that former boyfriend Meek Mill orchestrated the theft, but the Philadelphia rapper sidestepped any accusations while showing off his own expensive bling.

“Do it look like I rob people?” said Meek to a throng of paparazzi snapping photos. Speaking directly to TMZ cameras, the 29-year-old artist then pulled his expensive jewelry from around his neck for photo purposes.

“I got [$450,000] around my neck, [$80,000] on my wrist, do it look like I rob people?” exclaimed Meek once more. When the TMZ pap asked Meek if he’s seen or spoken to Minaj, the response was less than warm.

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“You asking too many fucking questions about my personal life, real talk,” said Meek with a slight smirk before cutting off reporters.

Meek was in town for the Super Bowl Friday party at Houston’s Life nightclub and will be making several appearances throughout the weekend ahead of the big game between the Atlanta Falcons and the New England Patriots tomorrow (February 5).